Pamela Rico
Email: pamela[at]culturalresearchgroup [dot][com] 

Pamela Rico is a shamanic and energy medicine teacher and practitioner, a social activist, word shaman, and cultural researcher living in Portland, Oregon. She has studied a variety of indigenous wisdom traditions and spiritual technologies for over twenty years, including core shamanism, yoga, meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, Reiki, and energy alchemy.

She is currently offering classes in “Energy Alchemy and Managing the Mind for
Soul Satisfying Living” and is active in the Occupy Portland movement as well
as Transition PDX, a Portland, OR group coalescing under the global “Transition
Towns” movement; this movement has evolved to inspire local folks to self-
establish sustainable, resilient communities in response to “peak oil” and as a
means to healthier, happier, inclusive living.


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